Yes i am officially a convert! From a coffee hater now a coffee lover ❤️

I’ve been hating coffee since i was a kid because of its after taste and i always get so hyper due to the caffeine. But med school has forced me to take extra measures to stay awake to study or else fail… At first i used to drink energy drinks like Cobra smart but my bf said that energy drinks are dangerous for the liver and kidneys. Then last semester we started studying at Seatle’s Best Coffee at a nearby gas station along SLEX and OMG i got so addicted to their double choco chip drink. It was also a good alternative to the cobra smart at keeping me awake during my all nighters.

Down side of this new addiction is that Seatle’s best is more expensive than my 25 peso cobra drink HAHAHA!

So i made my own mixture with just your affordable stuff:

I used
2 sachets of Good day cappuccino


2 mint chocolates


And hot water.

Just mix the hot water, coffee and mint chocolates in a tumbler or mug (i used my starbucks tumbler for this) and its done ❤️ serve hot or cold. I prefer to drink this cold so i keep in the freezer for 3 hours or overnight….

Hope you found this helpful, and if you have other recipes do share them with me, i would love to try them out 🙂


the rain makes me contemplate

it’s been raining non stop since yesterday evening due to the super typhoon Ruby… and rain + cold weather + alone = contemplate/think/ analyze life. well that’s what i did the whole night… with the help of a friend at least over chat

my friend told me that she envied my relationship. she said that “pang forever na yung relationship nyo” (your relationship if forever) i told her i agree with her because despite our fights and many arguments, we manage to still feel so in love with each other. i also told her that i’m really hoping that this would be my last, and that we’d never get tired of each other… “sana nga di kami mag sawa sa isa’t-isa”

we’ll right now we’re on our third year of knowing each other (2 years officially) and i can say that i still have so many things to know about him and i’m still eager and happy to spend  days with him. heck after being apart for an hour or a day we’ll already text each other “i miss you”.. (clingy or just the truth?) hahaha!

so yes, at age 24 and nearing 25 i am hoping that this kind of relationship is for keeps, because i really don’t want to go through the get-to-know-each-other-thru-awkward-dates phase or dates-arranged-by-friends phase because i hate the feeling of being awkward and insecure with someone i don’t know…

when you gamble on love

when you gamble on love.

via when you gamble on love.

this was an entry i made on my other site i think during the time i was being dumped by a boy… on Christmas eve! yes, harsh reality is every girl would have that one bad memory with love.. i have not only one but ALOT.

those memories not only paved way to a better me, but also a better relationship.

so girls, no matter how bad your past relationships were thank the guys behind those relationship, because without them you won’t find Mr. Perfect 🙂

Book of the month

Yes, this November i’m trying to finish a series of books by Diana Gabaldon…

I’ve finished the first book entitled Outlander, and i’m currently on the second sequel (drangonfly in amber)

The story is very interesting, and i’m just really hooked on Claire and Jamie’s love story… That’s mostly the reason i want to finish the sequels…
There are times that the story gets a bit dull, especially when the characters talk about history… So i just skip those pages until the more interesting and important part come up… I know, i’m an impatient reader hahaha! But i’m really doing my best to squeeze in these novel leisures besides my regular medical book reading habits (not habits i guess, more like requirements tsk) hahahaha!

They made a series out of the books but i think it got discontinued?

Who has read the books,.. And what are your opinions about it? I’d love to know 🙂



Here’s my growing collection of colorful post its and washi tapes… That i have no idea what i’d use them for…


But recently i’ve been inspired to make my own planner and use these to decorate it (inspired by charmaine Manansala in youtube)

So this sembreak i’m planning on going to divisoria and buy really cute page flags and more stationary stuffs. They have the cutest, cheapest scrapbooking stuff there ❤️

Will update you guys about my DIY planner and divisoria visit soon

Nail diary #2

So i’ve decided to make it a habit of posting my nail color for the week and calling it nail diary. This would be the second since the first one would be my previous post 🙂

Anyway, shifting exams this week so i’ll be very busy studying for exams and finals… But that won’t stop me for doing my nails 🙂

My professor last week reprimanded me for wearing blue nail polish. I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed in Med school 😪 or maybe it was just her thing since i see students wearing diff colored nail polish to school…

She won’t stop me anyway haha!

Here’s my nails for the week:


Still blue… #sorrynotsorry 😂 (used two coats)

This is how it looks like with just one coat


I used all drugstore nail polishes which i bought a Watsons in SM department store:
OMG in strobe: ₱20.00
True colors: ₱19.75


I love the color payoff of these nail polishes ❤️ definitely my favorite colors for this month

Simple joys: nail polish

One of my guilty pleasure is collecting nail polishes.

Well i won’t say it’s collecting but i really like the different glitter, opaque, or shiny varieties that i just buy every time i see a new shade.

This week i bought 3 nail polish from the local brand “color trends”





Unfortunately i removed the price tag with the shade names.. 😦

These cost onlt 19.75 pesos. Available at any watsons and SM department stores.

Good quality. Toluene free and they have really pretty shades.

Will post swatches of these shades soon 🙂

Here’s one i did for the week

(I added a coat of my gold glitter sassy nail polish since i wasn’t able to bring a top coat)

Why i wasn’t able to watch Anabelle

Saturday night was suppose to be spent watching the movie “Anabelle” with friends but…

I went home to a complete disaster.

Just a little background, I live in an apartment near my school (which is beyond our city proper) so I stay there every week then I go home every Saturday to my house in the city.

So yesterday when I went home I found my cat being the lazy usual cat he is. He smelled like he rolled over his pee (yuck) then when he tried to pee as in he was squatted on his litter box looking at me like he’s trying to say “mommy I can’t pee” then left the litter box crying. The litter box didn’t have any pee spots. Now, I’ve been noticing this since last week so I decided to rush him to his vet.

My boyfriend (super allergic to cats) drove us to his vet. Unfortunately the clinic was closed so we had to find a new vet.

We found one near our usual clinic, the vet was very quiet yet there’s something about her that isn’t very welcoming? (not sure of a term to describe her) but she would ask a question, and I would answer. That’s it.

I told her about my cat’s problem, his difficulty in peeing and this weird black discoloration at the tip of his penis. She poked his thing with a syringe to get him to pee, or see if there were any obstruction.


tinkerbell being poked in his private part to see if there’s any obstruction or bleeding

Her diagnosis: UTI (urinary tract infection)

I was given a lot of vitamins and medications that I’m sure my cat doesn’t need. Hmp. That lady vet sure isn’t a people person coz she barely explained to me why my cat has UTI or why she needs to take those medicines. Definitely not going back there.

prescribed so many things even anti kidney stone medicines.. -__-

prescribed so many things even anti kidney stone medicines.. -__-

After we got home, my cat was a bit pissed at me so he hid under my bed.

But now we’re friends again since I gave him some bread and water.

REALIZATION: oh how much I love my pets. I’m like an over protective mother to my pets. I sense something is wrong like it’s a motherly instinct. I get mad at them for peeing on the floor, having really bad smelling poop, stepping on their poop just after I give them a bath, and for giving me tons of scratches, yet I would never leave them nor give them away.

There was a point yesterday that I was contemplating on giving my cat for adoption because I felt like an irresponsible mother. I’m never with her (since I’m away on weekdays) to clean him, give him a bath, feed him or play with him and because of that he is now sick. I guess I’m blaming myself and punishing myself too much. My boyfriend got mad at the idea of me giving him away because my cat was a gift from my boyfriend.

Sometimes, pets can be a source of joy and happiness especially when we’re lonely or sad. Somehow they know how to comfort us. When we’re mad, they just look at you with those silly round eyes and your heart melts away. I can definitely say that my life is better now that I always have my pets with me.

so after the mess in my room, the mess in my cat’s cage, the mess with my cat.. i decided to just stay at home and rest instead of going out for movies. we rescheduled the movie watching to tomorrow or monday.


How about you guys, what are your heart warming realizations about your pets?

on th verge of letting go: how i almost lost love

when it comes to reasoning and rational behavior i can’t say i’m an expert. in fact in my relationship i tend to be the irrational, childish, and stubborn one with a really bad temper.

my boyfriend told me that our first year together would be rocky and full of struggles on getting to know each other’s quirks, personalities, peeves, and attitudes and now that we’re actually living in with each other, getting to know our “house habits”

i’d have to agree with him that our first year was really one hell of a ride, it was definitely no joy ride. there were many crying, shouting, and i left him once not telling him where i went leaving him to search around the city… and we can’t assure each other that our second, third, or fourth would be easy breezy as well…

one thing he taught me was that everyday you spend with someone is a day to get to know him/her. a relationship is a constant “getting to know you”, that part of the relationship doesn’t end at 2-4 years. even after you’re married you’d still be taking down notes on the simple/ complicated stuff about your partner.

he also taught me that when we have fights/ arguments and i tend to be really hot tempered and irrational (i stop thinking and ask him  to break up with me) i should just stop thinking about why we’re fighting/ how horrible our fight is right now and just remember the happy memories we shared with one another. that way my head is distracted with the happy thought which would also gives me reasons why i should calm down and fix our fight instead of breaking up. (this advice i also gave to my bestfriend who had troubles with her boyfriend with anger management issues when drunk)

third, he also taught me that people can change. he didn’t just say it, but i saw it. before he would always talk alot when he’s angry, now he’s calm even when he’s mad, he gives me space to feel angry. no matter who’s at fault as long as i’m mad or about to throw a fit he would hug me tight until i calm down (yes, hug me tight even if i give him numerous head bangs, scratches, and slaps just so he would let go)

writing all of these down makes me realize how much sacrifice and effort he has put into keeping this relationship.

i’m lucky to have such a rare breed of guys to cherish me, even my bad personality.

last, he taught me to be a better person, every fight we had, every arguments, and every experience we had he would say that it was so that i could be a better person. for that i’d like to thank God for giving me such a wonderful person 🙂

so the next time i shift into my anger problemed self, i would just remember all of these and not let go because letting go would be the biggest regret i would have…

have a happy first of december everyone 🙂

Good News

i would like to thank my OB for being very supportive and encouraging throughout the course of my treatment: 6 months of treatment for PCOS and she was there to give me advises not only about my condition but also about medical school.

for my boyfriend who patiently went with me to all my check ups

my parents of course

and most importantly, God. thank you for answering my prayers 🙂

my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is treated 🙂

i love my life